Report Description

Money Supply Velocity

The change, from one financial quarter to the next, in net-financial asset flows as a percentage of income (GDP).

Fiscal Balance

This is the government sector fiscal balance, either in surplus (a money flow away from the Non-Government sector), or more typically, in deficit (a money flow toward the Non-Government sector).

Consumer Agent Rating of Government

At every iteration, each producer agent will receive an equal share of government stimulus. Consumer agents are 'born' unemployed. Each producer will subsequently employ (by random choice) one of the consumer agents. A producer agent will check to see if the consumer agent is currently unemployed (has not been previously employed by another producer agent in the current iteration), else the random selection is repeated.

Consumer agents rate the Government agent. A consumer agent will record an 'approval' rating (of Government) if it has achieved a new wealth (cash equity) 'high' at the end of the current iteration. A consumer agent that has not achieved a new wealth 'high' at the end of an iteration will record 'ambivalence' if it discovers, on communicating with another consumer agent (by random choice), its wealth is greater than that of the other consumer agent. 'Disapproval' is recorded when a consumer agent does not achieve a new wealth 'high' and on communicating with another consumer agent, discovers that its own wealth is either less than or equal to that of the other consumer agent.

To model output.

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