Government Securities

Agent-based ModelPC (portfolio choice) combines the circular flow approach of agent-based ModelSIM with the stock approach. Money is now a financial asset which agents hold for investment purposes. Agents make a portfolio choice between money and other short-duration government financial assets.

Agent-Based ModelPC Analysis

Agent-based ModelSIM displays a money supply velocity affect that exists aloft intramural US Treasury market machinations. Agent-based ModelPC, with Central Bank, explores the correlation between expenditure, model financial asset and real-world US Treasury yield dynamics.

Agent Categorisation

The model will extend simple agent behaviours to incorporate consumer agent class types. The quantity of government financial assets accumulated by a consumer agent since model run beginning will decide, at the end of each iteration, a 'class' type to be attached to the agent. Class types determine the influence an agent will have on government agent expenditure, distribution and taxation beyond model consumption of real-world expenditure time-series data.